Mount Fuji from Hakone


Koichi Okada – Mount Fuji from Hakone

Original woodblock print. The first edition of this design was published circa 1950. The current print was printed in the Reiwa period (2019 – present).

“Mount Fuji from Hakone” depicts Mount Fuji in a unique way, both within the series “Twelve Views of Japan” of which it is a part, and among all the woodblock prints depicting Mount Fuji. It portrays Mount Fuji on a cold winter night, towering over the observer.

Image size (excluding margins): 36.5 * 24.0 cm (14.4 * 9.4 in).

The print is in excellent condition.

The pictures shown here are from the print itself.

Okada Koichi is known for his series of woodblock prints “Twelve views of Japan”, created around the year 1950. The series might have been intended to consist of twelve different prints, but only six are known. They depict the mount Fuji seen from Hakone, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Ashinoko, Hagoromo and overlooking Nihondaira. All these have been printed using the original woodblocks by Unsodo, the same publisher that published the first editions.

An overview of the woodblock prints by Koichi Okada can be found here.

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