What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we accept credit card, Sofort, IDEAL, bank transfers and other payment methods such as Apple Pay. If you require a different payment method or would prefer a bank transfer, please let us know at service@nipponprints.com or via our contact-form and we will try to arrange this.

Do you accept Paypal?

We do not use Paypal, but in stead use stripe.com as our payment provider. Previous customers succeeded in using credit card payments in stead, via our checkout page that relies on stripe.com.

Do I have to pay customs duties?

For destinations within the EU, the UK or the US you will not have to pay custom duties. For other destinations you might have to pay custom duties. You will not pay these to Nipponprints, but will be asked to pay them when importing. If you need help with determining what the costs will be, please contact us. We have to admit though that we do not know the specific rules of all countries and can not always determine them. We will try however.

Is shipping free?

Yes, there are no shipping costs. This is true for all destinations in the world. Multiple prints within one order can be shipped together.

Are there any extra costs?

Not from Nipponprints. However, should you wish to frame the ordered prints, you will have to pay for the material and also the framing if you let someone else do this. We mention this since these costs can be significant, depending on the materials used and the framer. Though this will be entirely worth it in most cases, it is something we would like new customers to be aware of before buying.

How will Nipponprints ship the items?

We pack the prints carefully using acid-free materials, in paper, then in plastic protection and then tightened between strong hardboard plates, which protects them against pressure and folding during sending. We use insured sending with track and trace.

Can I return the items?

You can return the items within 14 days after delivery to you. Upon return of the undamaged items we will refund the item costs as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that the sending costs for the return are for the customer and that responsibility for the return is with the customer too. As such, we recommend using the same packing materials we used to send the print to you and to chose a suitable shipping method.

To help us to process your return swiftly and correctly we would appreciate an advance notice on serivce@nipponprints.com. You can find the return address at our contact page.

Should I take measures to keep the prints in good shape?

Yes. Naturally you are free to do with the print as you please (if you do not intend to return it within 14 days), but to keep the prints in the best shape certain guidelines apply:

  • Woodblock prints can gradually fade due to exposure to sunlight. As such you should not place your prints in direct sunlight. As extra protection you can consider framing with uv-protective glass.
  • Acids can damage the print. You should use acid-free materials when framing.
  • The margins of the prints, along with the seals and signatures, are an intrinsic part of the prints. Cutting them decreases their value and possibly their appearance. Judging the quality of prints is also harder when the back is not available for inspection, so it is advisable to not mount the print. Besides that, a mounted print can look worse.
  • Placing glass directly on the surface of the prints can damage the prints and should be avoided as well.

The prints are actually fairly strong and treatment in accordance with the above and with care will keep them in great shape for a very long period.

Can I ask you another question?

Yes you most certainly can! In fact, we really like to hear from you and are honestly happy if we can help out with even a simple thing. This holds true both for people who order and for people who just browse the site, so please do not hesitate to contact us.