Looking Back – Blue Cat


Nishida Tadashige – Looking Back – Blue Cat

Original woodblock print. The first edition of this design was published in 2018. With numbered editions it is usually not exactly known when each print was printed as they are all dated with the year of the printing of the very first print from the series. In this case some of the A.P. are dated 2022 however, as is the current print, so it can be dated to 2022 exactly.

Image size (excluding margins): 32.0 * 22.0 cm (12.6 * 8.7 in).

The print is in excellent condition.

The pictures shown here are from the print itself.

Nishida Tadashige (b. 1942) is a famous Japanese woodblock print artist. His cat prints is what he is best known for, of which you can find many below. These are all high quality woodblock prints, hand-signed by the artist in limited editions. Though subjective, the cat prints are often considered remarkable in the way they succeed in conveying the different moods and characters of the cats shown.

An overview of the woodblock prints by Nishida Tadashige can be found here.

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