Snow at Shiba Park


Kawase Hasui – Snow at Shiba Park (Hasui Kawase – Shiba Koen no Yuki)

Original woodblock print.

The current print was printed in 2004 from the original woodblocks. The first edition was from 1952. That print was part of a newly published calendar series of prints, and reprised from the earlier print ‘Snow at Shiba Park, Ueno’ from 1931. The woodblocks used in 1952 were different, but since the 1952 print was created by Kawase Hasui and publisher Watanabe as well, it is simply regarded as a new print and not as a reprint of the 1931 version, even if they are very similar.

Shiba Park is located in Tokyo and encircles the Zojoji temple. Kawase Hasui depicts it here in snow. Snow is still falling but only very calmly, in contrast with the heavy snow present in a number of other print by Kawase Hasui, leading to a serene scene.

The print is in very good state and bears the Watanabe round 7 mm seal, along with the red Heisei seal to the right of the image, used during the Heisei period from 1989 to 2019. A number has been written in pencil on the back.

Image size (excluding margins): 27.0 * 39.5 cm.

Please note that each print is unique. Since of some prints we have multiple copies, the pictures displayed here
can differ slightly from the actual print.

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