Tree scene 136


Hajime Namiki – Tree scene 136

Original woodblock print. Signed and numbered: A.P. 10/20.
From 2009.

Tree scene 136 is one of Hajime Namiki’s most successful tree scenes. It shows a big tree with the complex pattern of the smaller and smaller branches radiating out from its trunk. The tree is colored in blue, with the background golden, as is often used by Hajime Namiki. Slightly reminiscent of his Hill-series, are the smaller trees far away at the horizon, that manage to give the scene a spacious impression and enhance the impressiveness of the big tree in the foreground.

The size of the image is 25 x 39 cm. For its height this has been measured from the top of the golden background, to the bottom of the tree.

The pictures shown here are from the print itself.

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