The Inokashira Benten Shrine in Snow


Kawase Hasui – The Inokashira Benten Shrine in Snow (Hasui Kawase – Shatô no yuki)

Original woodblock print on Washi paper. First edition in 1929. This is a later edition, printed using the original woodblocks.

The Inokashira Benten Shrine is located on an island in a lake to the West of Tokyo. It has been relatively rare for woodblock print artists to depict it, which might be surprising when seeing the impressive depiction by Kawase Hasui. As always, his mastery of snowscapes is unmistakeble, in this case showing a calm and serene scene with the Benten Shrine surrounded by snow, and reflected in the lake below it.

Image size (excluding margins): 22 * 35 cm.

Please note that each print is unique. Since of some prints we have multiple copies, the pictures displayed here can differ slightly from the actual print.

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