Shiba Benten Pond


Kawase Hasui – Shiba Benten Pond (Hasui Kawase – Shiba Benten ike)

Original woodblock print on Washi paper. First edition in 1929. This is a later edition, printed using the original woodblocks.

This print by Kawase Hasui depicts the Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park, Tokyo, home of the Benten temple. The pond is divided into three separate ponds, with the Lotus pond that is depicted here perhaps being the most remarkable. The print seems to show the pond in the height of summer, as it is at that time that the Lotus pond is fully covered by blossoming Lotus plants. In the middle are two women, seemingly enjoying the beautify of the sight as well.

Somewhere in the 1950s the original woodblocks used to make this print were obtained by publisher Shobisha, who used them again recently to print a new edition, of excellent quality as usual.

Image size (excluding margins): 23.8 * 36.5 cm.

Please note that each print is unique. Since of some prints we have multiple copies, the pictures displayed here can differ slightly from the actual print.

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