Cherry Blossoms


Toshi Yoshida – Cherry Blossoms (Yoshida Toshi – Sanbu zaki)

Original woodblock print on Washi paper. First edition in 1970. This is a later edition, printed using the original woodblocks.

Please note that the outlines of this print have been printed relatively softly and are thus less sharp, giving the print a more hazy appearance, with details being less visible. Multiple prints of this series were printed this way and it is not entirely clear if this was on purpose or not. To inspect this, compare the print with the picture on top of the website that shows a version were the details are much clearer.

Image size (excluding margins): 30 * 49.5 cm. Please note that this print is significantly larger then more common sizes.

Please note that each print is unique. Since of some prints we have multiple copies, the pictures displayed here can differ slightly from the actual print.

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